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Engineering for All

See how we are trying to change what is taught in classrooms all around the country.

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The NCTL provides guidance and resources to those who want to integrate engineering as a new discipline in schools and museums nationwide. Learn more:

About the National Center for Technological
LiteracyExecutive Summary

The majority of K-12 students receive little or no formal education about the human-made world and the tremendously exciting opportunities shaping the future of our society. As a result, the potential interest of many talented students has been turned away from engineering, science, and math before they even reach middle school.

With the importance of technological literacy and the need for trained scientists and engineers, the Museum of Science, Boston launched the National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL) in 2004 to enhance knowledge of engineering and technology for people of all ages and to inspire the next generation of engineers, inventors, and scientists. Through the NCTL, the Museum is 1) integrating engineering as a new discipline in schools via standards-based K-12 curricular reform and 2) developing technology exhibits and programs. The Museum of Science is the only science museum in the country with a comprehensive strategy and infrastructure to foster technological literacy in both science museums and schools nationwide.

Recognizing that a 21st century curriculum must include the human-made world, the NCTL strives to introduce engineering in elementary school and continue it through high school, college, and beyond. For that reason, the NCTL strategy involves advocacy, creation of educational products and resources, and professional development. In 2001, Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to develop a K-12 curriculum framework and assessments for technology/engineering.

The Museum of Science has been active in leading a program in Massachusetts to transform the education standards, curriculum, and teacher professional development to include engineering in all grades K-12. We are developing materials for elementary, middle, and high school students. The NCTL has been in contact with people interested in K-12 education in 50 states (plus Washington, DC) in various ways.

Aligning our K-12 approach with our informal education mission, the Museum of Science intrigues and entertains the general public through exhibits, live presentations, forum discussions, and interactive activities. We are also working with museums and other informal education institutions to raise the level of understanding with regard to technology and engineering nationwide.

White Paper

Learn more about "Engineering the K-12 Curriculum for Technological Innovation."

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