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Making a Difference

The NCTL has already had influence in 50 states.

Want to Make A Change?

The NCTL provides guidance and resources to those who want to integrate engineering as a new discipline in schools and museums nationwide. Learn more:

Contributors Formal Educational Partnerships and Collaborations

Via the NCTL, the Museum of Science strives to bring government, industry, and education together to foster K - 12 STEM education and a scientifically and technologically literate public able to make informed decisions in a complex world. The Museum is doing this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Its Building Math curriculum development project, created with Tufts University, provides innovative practices for integrating engineering with math to help middle school students develop algebraic thinking.
  • To address the national shortage of technology educators, "Closing the Technology & Engineering Teaching Gap," (PDF) a new K-12 initiative, is integrating NCTL materials into the fully accredited online technology education programs of Valley City State University (VCSU), North Dakota. The goal is to improve the technological literacy of K-12 teachers and prepare qualified teachers. The NCTL will make its curriculum materials and training available to VCSU via this innovative online teacher certification program.
  • The Museum is also working with three Massachusetts community colleges to help educate future elementary teachers via its three-year Advancing Technological Literacy and Skills Project (ATLAS). It involves community colleges in developing their understanding of technology/engineering content and teaching tools. Faculty engage in engineering design challenges, connect technology/engineering concepts with science, mathematics, literacy, and other subjects, learn about technical career options, and modify courses to include technology/engineering. The project will also include outreach to four-year colleges and high schools working with the community colleges to ensure continuity and create a cadre of faculty to introduce this model to colleagues across the state.

Formal Educational Partnerships

Building Engineering and Science Talent (BEST)
Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance
Minnesota Department of Education
New Hampshire Department of Education
Stevens Institute of Technology
Transformation 2013: Education Service Center (ESC) Region 13 Austin, (TX) and ESC Region 20-San Antonio, TX
Valley City State University
Villanova University College of Engineering (PA)

Educational Collaborations

Aldine Independent School District
Charles Dana Center
Education Service Center (ESC) Region 1-Edinburg, TX
ESC Region 11-Fort Worth (TX)
ESC Region 12-Waco (TX)
ESC Region 16-Amarillo (TX)
ESC Region 18-Midland (TX)
ESC Region 3-Victoria (TX)
ESC Region 4-Houston (TX)
ESC Region 9-Wichita Falls
Falcon School District #49 (Colorado)
Georgia Department of Education
Hofstra University (New York)
Long Beach Unified School District (California)
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Minorities in Mathematics, Science and Engineering
Mobile Area Engineering Foundation
Montgomery County ESC-Dayton (Ohio)
National Governors Association
North Carolina State University
North Central Texas College
Ohio Department of Education
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Oregon State University
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Purdue University (Indiana)
Putnam County Education Service Center (Ohio)
Sally Ride Academy (Wisconsin)
Science and Math on the Move (Ohio)
Science Museum of Minnesota
Stark County Education Service Center (Ohio)
Texarkana ISD (TX)
Towson University (Maryland)
Tufts University
University of Alabama-Huntsville
University of Cincinatti (Ohio)
University of Louisville (Kentucky)
University of Maryland-Baltimore County
University of Texas (Austin)
Vermont Department of Education
Wichita Falls ISD (TX)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

The Museum of Science, Boston

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