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Engineering All Over

Most of the recent growth in undergraduate science and engineering education has occurred in science fields. In engineering, bachelor's degrees increased since 2001 but have not yet attained the levels of the 1980s. (Science and Engineering Indicators 2010, National Science Board)

Become an Agent of Change

The NCTL provides guidance and resources to those who want to integrate engineering as a new discipline in schools and museums nationwide. Learn more:

K-12 Programs Educational Standards

“Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to develop curricular frameworks and assessments for engineering Pre K - 12. Ioannis Miaoulis, now president and director of the Museum of Science, recognized early the importance of technological literacy and trained engineers and scientists. The first step was helping us to develop the standards. The Museum has also done a great job making these standards come alive in our classrooms.” - Dr. David P. Driscoll, former Massachusetts education commissioner

The NCTL continues to build ongoing commitment for enhancing the understanding of engineering within the state by working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. We provide the support needed to implement the program across the school districts. This includes continued development and review of the engineering educational standards, and development and review of assessment tools. Our staff provides leadership in key committees and does ongoing advocacy for the program at the community, business, and government levels. We have also worked with several states on changing their engineering standards.

View Map to See the Current Reach of our Work on Standards

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