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Science Standards to Include Engineering

August 18, 2011

From July 12- August 2, 2010, the National Research Council issued a draft framework for public comment that will aid in developing new science standards and presumably curricula, assessments and teacher professional development programs. This was a unique opportunity for stakeholders in STEM education to have a voice in shaping the final framework. Like the Massachusetts standards, the draft Conceptual Framework for National Science Education Standards incorporates a major section on engineering and technology at the same level as physical science, life science, and Earth and space science.

The final consensus report will be issued in early 2011. NCTL® staff and other engineering education supporters have been very involved in this process. It is expected that this new document will serve as a model for common state standards.

The framework describes the core ideas in science and engineering that students should understand and be able to apply, and the progression of ideas that students need to experience to comprehend them. The nonprofit education group Achieve, working with a group of state leaders, will use the final framework to develop new K-12 science education standards explaining what students should learn in detail. The framework project is sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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