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NCTL's Gateway Project Draws 120 Educators in Three States

October 09, 2011

In July and August, the Museum of Science's National Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®) hosted an unprecedented five Gateway to Technology and Engineering Institutes in Massachusetts, Texas, and Maine. The Gateway Project assists school districts in developing a strategic plan of action to implement rigorous and engaging K-12 technology and engineering programs. The institutes were facilitated by NCTL staff, Gateway regional leaders, and NCTL partners in Maine and Texas. Also several speakers representing government, business, and industry shared their perspective and resources to help schools achieve their goals.

Over 120 educators, curriculum directors, principals, and central administrators, representing 24 school districts, participated in these institutes. As of August 31, 2011, the Gateway community totaled over 400 educational leaders representing 80 urban, suburban, and rural school districts. Participants said the program gave them the tools, connections to core standards, and quality planning time with their peers which was critical to their creating focused action plans, customized to their specific districts' goals. Debra H. Almeida, a 4th grade teacher from Old Rochester Regional School District, Mass., says, "The Gateway Institute opened my eyes to how I can introduce engineering to elementary students by way of activities and resources, as well as how to encourage teamwork and the philosophy of redesign."

"Ultimately," says Bonny L. Gifford, Nauset, Mass., school district assistant superintendent, "the implementation of rigorous STEM education will promote integrated learning, investigation, and critical inquiry in the classroom and result in improved student achievement and success beyond the classroom."

Originating in Massachusetts and designed to guide systemic change, the Gateway Project also includes "best practices" sessions to increase capacity across districts, in-district support, and access to special workshops and symposiums. Gateway is now being replicated across the United States as a model to build leadership capacity for technological literacy. For more information, contact or call 617-589-3100.

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