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Massachusetts STEM Council Endorses Gateway Project as a Learning Model

October 22, 2012

The Massachusetts STEM Council has endorsed the Museum of Science's Gateway to Technology and Engineering project as a scalable model for the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. The STEM Council is an initiative of Governor Deval Patrick.

Gateway was selected through a competitive process to receive the "@Scale" endorsement and $50,000 funding through the Massachusetts STEM Pipeline Fund's @Scale initiative. Gateway was one of only seven @Scale initiatives announced by Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray at the Mass. STEM Summit October 18, 2012. Characteristics of best practice projects include: an effective use of data to measure outcomes in the context of the state's STEM Plan; a strong foundation in research and success in student and worker outcomes; promotion of partnerships through Regional STEM Networks; and success in securing matching funds. The Museum will contribute $150,000 in a 1:3 public: private match.

With this funding, Gateway will be able to engage 16 new districts (25% of which are high-needs) in preparing action plans that can be tested and measured to demonstrate the effectiveness of this scalable model of school district leadership development and systemic change. The Gateway team will address Student Interest and Student Readiness (Goals 1 and 3 of the state's STEM Plan).

Created by the Museum's National Center for Technological Literacy®, Gateway helps school districts develop strategic action plans to implement rigorous, engaging K-12 technology and engineering programs, while introducing educators to resources supporting standards-based curricula and assessments. Now replicated as a model in Maine and Texas, the Gateway community has involved 85 Mass. districts, serving 430,000 students, and 428 K-12 educational leaders. Originating in Mass., the Gateway strategy is unique in guiding STEM-based educational reform through district-wide systemic change.

"Because the state has used a rigorous process to vet these projects, school districts will have a much easier time evaluating which programs will meet their needs best," says Yvonne Spicer, Museum vice president for advocacy and educational partnerships and Gateway director. "We are honored to have the state's endorsement and excited about the funding which will help us expand Gateway's reach."

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