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High School Engineering Design Films Win Awards

October 17, 2012

Two films produced by Lawrence Klein Productions for the Museum of Science, Boston have won awards: InvenTeens: A High School Engineering Design Challenge received a 2012 CINE Golden Eagle and a 2012 Silver Telly; Hands-On Minds-On: Bringing Engineering Design to High School Classrooms was awarded a 2012 Bronze Telly.

CINE is dedicated to recognizing the work of outstanding filmmakers, videographers, producers, directors and other craftspeople in film, television, and new media. Telly honors the finest film and video productions, Web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding TV programs and commercials.

INVENTEENS, a 10-minute film for students, tells the true story of a winsome group of Virginia teens who tackle their classroom nemesis -- the typical half-desk/chair combo -- as an engineering design challenge, and take their ingenious solution to the Lemelson -- MIT InvenTeams™ expo. Animated with drawings by David Macaulay, this film provides a free-wheeling introduction to the engineering design process.

HANDS-ON, MINDS-ON is the 27-minute companion film for high school educators, administrators, and policy-makers. The story follows five Massachusetts teachers who integrate engineering design challenges into STEM curricula at five very different schools. The film features National Center for Technological Literacy®'s Yvonne Spicer, the Museum of Science's Lesley Kennedy, and Claire Duggan of Northeastern University's Center for STEM Education.

The films were the brainchild of Carol Lynn Alpert, the Museum's director for strategic projects, and were included in Northeastern's bid for National Science Foundation ITEST funding for its CAPSULE Capstone Unique Learning Experience program. The films are posted on YouTube and are available on DVD:

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