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Engineering Workshops for High School Teachers Are Available

April 09, 2013

The publisher It's About Time will offer teachers professional development, using the high school textbook Engineering the Future®, from the Museum of Science's National Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®). This full-year course introduces 9th or 10th graders to technology and engineering and meets the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework technology/engineering standards.

Wednesday - Friday, June 26-28; Wednesday - Friday, August 14-16: Either one of these 3-day Getting Started Workshops offers a deeper understanding of the engineering design process and physics applications in the classroom. People work through key activities in four projects, sharing questions and customizing implementation plans. Experienced course developer Lee Pulis will provide guidance on standards, objectives, teamwork, safety, inquiry-based STEM learning, and assessment. STEM content will be applied to complete design challenges using the engineering design process.

Location: Museum of Science, Science Park, Boston. Cost: $375 (includes print materials, DVD, free parking, and continental breakfast). To register, contact: Kelly Angelo at

Monday, July 22 - Sunday, August 11: Three-Week Online Course: For people who cannot travel or prefer to learn online, this moderated online course offers the same project-based engineering educational strategies as the workshop. With assignments over three weeks, there is time to review Engineering the Future materials and perform quick-build hands-on activities. Weekly discussion forums led by an experienced course developer foster group interaction. Five-minute epoxy and a Snap Circuits® electricity kit are recommended but not required. Other materials are available around home or office. Participants reach their goals after interacting with course content and activities for six to nine hours a week.

Hours: At your convenience (within a weekly schedule). Cost: $150 plus print materials and Snap Circuits kit. To register and order materials, contact: Kelly Angelo at

More on Engineering the Future: Four projects involving hands-on activities and related textbook readings enable students to strengthen their technological literacy and critical reasoning. They gain a practical understanding of the impact of science and technology and how choices as workers, consumers, and citizens influence technological development. Field-tested in 10 states, the textbook is written from the perspective of engineers from varied backgrounds whose stories teach students concepts relating to their design projects. They learn skills like making scale drawings and combining components into systems, while discovering concepts to help them succeed in science courses.

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