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Educators Jumpstart STEM Learning in New Hampshire

October 16, 2013

On July 30 - August 1, 2013, 49 central New Hampshire educators/administrators jumpstarted STEM learning in the Granite State when the Museum of Science, Boston hosted its first N.H. Gateway Institute at Lakes Region Community College, Laconia.

Taking the lead in N.H.'s STEM efforts and galvanized by their Gateway experience, all seven districts hope to launch their own local STEM Network so that they can share challenges and solutions. On November 6, the districts will meet at Lakes Region Community College to review progress.

Endorsed by the Mass. STEM Advisory Council as an @Scale educational model, the Gateway Project originated in Massachusetts in 2005 to help school districts develop strategic plans to implement rigorous K-12 technology and engineering programs, while introducing educators to resources supporting standards-based curricula and assessments.

At the Gateway Institute, the N.H. K-12 teachers and administrators explored national, state and local STEM initiatives, curricula, and professional development opportunities. Representatives from Discovery Education, PBS/WGBH, and iRobot joined Museum staff in also introducing participants to hands-on engineering design challenges, a robot demonstration, and other innovative resources. The enterprising educators also tried out some hands-on engineering activities. The participants represented seven school administrative units (SAU) serving 9,106 students (Alton, Franklin-Hill, Gilford, Inter-Lakes Regional, Laconia, Shaker Regional, and Winnisquam).

Replicated across the U.S. as a model to build confidence and leadership to implement technology/engineering education programs, Gateway has reached 92 Mass. districts serving 48% of the state's students and more than 450 K-12 educational leaders, serving 453,940 students. A part of the Museum's National Center for Technological Literacy®, the Gateway model is unique in guiding STEM educational reform through district-wide change. For more information, email:

The Museum of Science, Boston

  1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114  phone: 617-723-2500