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Advocating for Engineering Education? Tools You Can Use

October 15, 2013

Short videos on K-12 engineering education policy and working with policy makers to advance the field are now available on YouTube (links below).

Asked by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Patti Curtis, director of the Museum of Science's National Center for Technological Literacy® Washington office, makes the case for engineering education and offers tips on how best to communicate with legislators (such as building relationships, district visits, and invitations to local events).

A nonprofit organization committed to engineering and engineering technology education, ASEE develops policies and programs that enhance professional opportunities for engineering faculty members, and increase student enrollments in engineering and engineering technology degrees. Interested in national legislation and policies affecting K-18 education and research and development investments, ASEE hosts an annual Public Policy Colloquium for the nation's deans and public policy makers to discuss their agenda.

The ASEE's K-12 division promotes engineering thinking and practice in formal and informal educational settings for pre-K through high school-aged students, teachers, group leaders, and caregivers. Seeking to open doors for young people to engineering as a career and/or a way to solve challenges, this division hosts a full-day teacher workshop with other K-12 workshops annually.

Since 2005, the NCTL has built support for K-12 engineering education and the importance of science centers. Curtis sits on the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Caucus Steering Committee, the Purdue INSPIRE K-12 Engineering Outreach External Advisory Panel, and the Triangle Coalition Board of Directors. She has served as a government relations representative for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and served as a leader of the STEM Education Coalition.

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