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Raytheon Scholarship Winner Plans to "Pay it Forward"

July 17, 2014

Being chosen to receive a Raytheon - Engineering is Elementary Teacher Scholarship was "one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me!" says Amon Rwito (see photo). The Tallahassee, Florida, resource teacher was already using this award-winning elementary curriculum, developed at the Museum of Science, Boston, with his Kate Sullivan Elementary School students. But thanks to the scholarship program that is part of Raytheon's $2 million grant to the Museum to expand EiE's national impact, he attended a professional development workshop at the Boston Museum in May 2014.

Rwito calls the experience a game-changer. "The EiE facilitators showed me how to integrate instruction in engineering with the reading, math, and science lessons that are priorities for elementary school students," he says, noting that EiE is an especially wonderful curriculum for reading. "The stories are rich with content and vocabulary, they allow for text-dependent questioning, and they don't assume students have background knowledge, but instead require them to read and think."

Rwito is taking advantage of the fact that Tallahassee is home to the National High Magnetic Field Lab for one EiE unit, which challenges students to engineer model magnetic levitation trains. "I've built relationships with engineers at the Lab," he says. "One came to my class to show students a model train that really levitates!"

Now that he's teaching EiE with confidence, Rwito plans to pay it forward by helping other teachers start to use the curriculum in their classrooms. "Thanks to the scholarship, I have enough EiE materials (and the skills) to train six other teachers at my school!" he says. Rwito will also help teachers at a second Tallahassee school write grants to purchase the curriculum. "I just wish more teachers could get access to EiE," he says.

Application process for the next Raytheon - EiE Teacher Scholarship Program awards begins August 27, 2014.

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