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VCSU Uses NCTL Curricula to Prepare Teachers

January 22, 2015

Valley City State University in North Dakota has developed online undergraduate and graduate courses in their Technology Education and Elementary Education programs to prepare teachers for implementing the Engineering the Future® high school curriculum, the Building Math curriculum for middle school and upper elementary students, and the elementary level Engineering is Elementary® curriculum. These engineering-based curricula were developed by the Museum of Science, Boston via its National Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®).

Students are provided with curriculum materials and supplies for completing hands-on student activities included in the curriculum. They are required to write reflective evaluations of their experience with the curriculum materials, participate in online discussion, and develop supplemental materials to share with other online students. As a crucial component, students must analyze these curricula to discover how science, mathematics, and technology and engineering content may be integrated in standards-based curricula and discern how student achievement of identified standards may be effectively assessed.

"Many online VCSU students who are currently teaching indicate that these courses have helped them develop a more creative perspective in planning learning and a greater ability to integrate content and facilitate hands-on activities, while also making their classrooms more student-centered," says VCSU technology instructor Lana Fornes. Some have also commented on the value they see in the Building Math curriculum for remediation with older students. Besides facilitating the implementation of integrated K-12 STEM education, these courses provide credits for completing elementary and secondary STEM Education certificates at VCSU.

Since 2008, the Museum's NCTL and VCSU have partnered to bring quality standards-based engineering and technology education to K-12 schools throughout the United States. The goal is to improve the technological literacy of K-12 teachers and prepare qualified teachers to address the national shortage of engineering and technology educators.

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