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Gordon Foundation Gives Museum $5 Million to Educate Future Engineers

April 21, 2015

A $5 million gift from The Gordon Foundation, established by Sophia and Bernard M. Gordon, significantly expands the Museum of Science's ability to transform engineering education nationwide and inspire young people to become engineering leaders. A 2006 $20 million gift made The Gordon Foundation the largest private donor in the Museum's history and launched its $250 million campaign, fueling the mission of the National Center for Technological Literacy® (NCTL®).

"Our country's future depends on its ability to motivate and educate engineering leaders," says Gordon, an engineering visionary and Analogic Corporation's founder. "With this gift, my wife and I continue to recognize the Museum's important work, strengthening engineering as a discipline and encouraging talented young people to become engineers, thus helping to preserve our country's leadership in innovation." Gordon himself has invented breakthrough devices that have enhanced how people live and work, even saving lives. The $5 million gift increases NCTL's impact by:

--Launching the Gordon Family Young Innovator Program to engage young people in engineering through an annual event, challenging school-based activities, and exposure to engineering leaders.

--Bolstering the Engineering Design Challenges Program with the Tech Studio, a hands-on workshop featuring engineering design challenges.

--Enhancing the Engineering is Elementary® (EiE®) Teacher Video Program with eight new video resources, documenting EiE's best teaching practices and sharing them broadly, including in a new National Academy of Engineering website.

--Converting EiE from text to digital tablet versions, enabling more interactivity with integrated images, videos, definitions, and guiding questions.

--Expanding Traveling Programs with four new engineering design activities, two new vans and staff increasing weekly programs, and reaching rural and urban schools.

--Creating New Out-of-School-Time Activities for 3rd-5th graders and six new Engineering Everywhere™ activities for 6th-8th graders.

"Bernard Gordon exemplifies the very best of engineering and innovation," says Miaoulis. "He measures success by how much good you do for society. Sophia and Bernard have given our city, region and country a tremendous gift."

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