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New Early Childhood STEM Report

February 01, 2017

Early childhood STEM matters. That's the conclusion of a new policy report appropriately titled Early STEM Matters: Providing High-Quality STEM Experiences for All Young Children.

The Museum of Science's Christine Cunningham served as one of fourteen members of the Early Childhood STEM Working Group, a group of scholars, policymakers, curriculum developers, and educators from across the United States. The team met from 2014 through 2016 to examine possibilities and challenges related to preschool STEM learning and the report summarizes their work. It describes four guiding principles and offers six actionable recommendations for educational leaders, policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels, researchers, and funders.

Early STEM Matters articulates an ambitious but achievable vision for the future of young children's STEM education. It addresses the intersection of current policy discussions about early childhood education and STEM education. The goal of the report is to help guide and inform conversation and change at a critical point in public discourse about the need for high-quality early childhood education.

Cunningham, the director of the Museum's Engineering is Elementary curriculum, contributed expertise related to engineering experiences for young children. She was the only member of the committee versed in engineering education; other members focused on science, mathematics, digital technology, and early childhood learning. Over the past three years, the Museum of Science has been developing a number of engineering experiences for preschool children. These include programs for the Museum floor (Make with Me) and the Wee Engineer pre-k curricula.

Click here for full report.

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