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NASA Outreach Grant Program

July 12, 2017

Without question, a highly educated and well-prepared workforce is critical to the future success of NASA. One effort designed to develop that workforce is the Office of Education's Competitive Program for Science Museums, Planetariums and NASA Visitor Centers (CP4SMPVC) — only NASA can get away with an 8 digit acronym.

NASA's investment in CP4SMPVC, authorized in 2005, is directly linked to inspiring the next generation of explorers and innovators. CP4SMPVC builds and develops the capacity of informal education institutions and organizations for sustained STEM capabilities in topical areas of interest to NASA, andĀ seeks to provide opportunities in informal education settings that leverage NASA assets and NASA-related content to provide experiential authentic STEM opportunities that encourage innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Currently, there are 29 active CP4SMPVC+ projects across 20 states and the District of Columbia. This opportunity is slated for elimination by this Administrations FY18 budget proposal. The Museum of Science worked closely with ASTC to generate a statement to Congress in support of retaining this small but impactful grant.

170601 ASTC Support for NASA Museum Grant Program

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