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Student Support and Academic Enhancement Grants (SSAE)

July 12, 2017

Congress created a 'huge' block grant in the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) under Title IV, Part A. They authorized $1.6 billion for states and school districts to provide funds for 3 buckets of programs and activities: 1) safe and healthy schools; 2) a well-rounded education, that includes STEM, computer science, art, music, etc.; and, 3) the effective use of technology. In FY17, Congress only appropriated $400 million dollars and developed an optional competitive grant option for states knowing it was insufficient funds to distribute to all school districts as intended.

This Administration has proposed $0 for Title IV, Part A as well as Title IV, Part B, which funds afterschool programs. The Museum of Science is a member of the Title IVA Coalition working to secure full funding for the SSAE grant program and submitted statements and letters to key appropriators in the House and Senate.

170602 MOS re TitleIVA to House Labor H

170602 MOS re TitleIVA to Sen Labor H

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